CYE and OTORIO Present

Continuous IT/OT Cyber Risk Assessment

Comprehensive risk assessment, monitoring and management for all IT, OT and IoT environments

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Let’s face it: 

CYE’s Hyver translates technical risks into business risks and brings a fact-based approach to organizational cyber security.
Hyver provides full visibility of attack routes, quantifies the risk that each vulnerability poses to organizations’ business critical assets and recommends actionable mitigation plans based on the prioritization of attack routes. OTORIO’s RAM^2 extends asset inventory visibility and management of all IT/OT/IOT assets by correlating multiple security events into focused insights and prioritizing the risks based on their impact on operational processes.




CYE and OTORIO Continuous, End-to-End Security



By combining forces, CYE and OTORIO bring you:

  • A single pane of glass to continuously monitor your IT, OT and IOT security posture
  • Complete coverage of security visibility, including areas that are currently being shielded by blind spots
  • Quantification of risks and identity exposure across all IT, OT, IOT environments
  • Long-term cybersecurity best practices through a combination of technology and services

Delivering Continuous Risk Assessment, Monitoring & Management​

Continuous security & compliance monitoring

Provides the most up-to-date view of your organizational cyber posture.

Accelerated remediation

Expedite the remediation process using clear, step-by-step mitigation playbooks and recommendations.

Group 3 Continuous Security & Compliance Monitoring continuous security & compliance monitoring IT/OT/IoT Visibility & Detection Risk Reduction & Business Asset Protection Accelerated Remediation

IT/OT/IoT visibility

Gain visibility into the perimeter, enterprise network and production floor, and map out exposures, vulnerabilities, IOCs and IOEs.

Risk reduction & business assetprotection

Apply optimizations to proactively ensure risk reduction.

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About the partnership

CYE is a trusted advisor to medium-sized and Fortune 500 companies in multiple industries around the world, bringing a fact-based approach to organizational cyber-defence, while managing real business risks and optimizing the cybersecurity investment.

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