How Cyber Risk Quantification Drives Business Decisions

Making a business case for CRQ.

How Cyber Risk Quantification Drives Business Decisions

As cybersecurity budgets continue to rise, security leaders must demonstrate that effective cyber risk management is essential to the business. Cyber risk quantification (CRQ) can help by calculating an organization’s risk exposure in monetary terms, which helps stakeholders make decisions about managing risk in a business context. But how can you convince your board to move forward with a CRQ solution?  

A compelling business case for a cyber risk quantification solution not only secures internal buy-in but also paves the way for effective risk management. In this ebook, you will learn five benefits of cyber risk quantification that can help support your business case, including: 

  • Better understanding of cyber risk 
  • Cyber risk in monetary terms 
  • Prioritized risk mitigation 

Download the ebook to better understand the business benefits of cyber risk quantification.  

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