Making Security Decisions Based on Data

Event over. Here’s a summary of what we covered.


As devastating cyberattacks continue to increase and spread, you need to be able to comprehensively assess your organization, as well as pinpoint and mitigate threats. But how do you know which ones to focus on?

Watch this deep dive into the Hyver platform with CYE Chief Product Officer Inbar Ries and VP Data Science Nimrod Partush. They demonstrate how to accurately and comprehensively assess your organization’s security, so you can build an effective cybersecurity strategy based on data.


Watch the webinar for a deep dive into:

  • Visualizing attack routes
  • Prioritizing cyber gaps based on business impact
  • Building optimized and cost-effective mitigation plans

The recording is available on-demand, right here.


  • Inbar Ries
    Chief Product Officer
  • Nimrod Partush
    VP Data Science