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Hyver is a cloud-based cybersecurity optimization platform that helps organizations reclaim control over their cyber resilience.

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Create a full visualization of the attack surface, displaying complete attack routes and vulnerabilities that can be assessed in real-time.

Business risk

Route modeling and machine learning capabilities accurately quantify the risk that each vulnerability poses to organizations’ business assets and business continuity.


Actionable mitigation plan based on the prioritization of attack routes, enabling organizations to optimize resource allocation and adhere to budget constraints.

Combining technology, domain expertise and field knowledge.

See the impact of
real attacks

Hyver conducts a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment that covers your entire organization and any third-party vendors you work with.

With highly experienced red teams performing real attacks, Hyver reveals complete attack routes that place your business assets at risk.

Know the risk
to your business

Hyver uses advanced algorithms and graph modeling to calculate the risk of each attack scenario to evaluate the organization’s security level.

Hyver translates technical risks into business risks by correlating asset value, severity of vulnerabilities and threat actor activity. Using threat intelligence, hunting capabilities and community and expert knowledge, Hyver helps security teams track, report, benchmark and optimize their security effectiveness.

Mitigate and

Hyver creates an optimized mitigation plan by weighing the potential business impact against the exploitability of the threat and cost of mitigation.

Hyver provides actionable steps to mitigate relevant threats, starting with those that present the highest risk to business assets. This enhances the company’s security posture, while enabling efficient allocation of resources and remediation efforts.

Powered by top
red team experts

Behind the assessments stand the leading experts in cybersecurity, bringing decades of hands-on experience from military and commercial operations.

Data-driven decisions and actions

Real-time threat intelligence and leading experts’ support

Optimized investment of cybersecurity programs

Benchmarked security strength against industry data

Interactive dashboard and actionable results

No installation, integration, or configuration efforts

“Hyver is an extremely valuable tool for Quest for reducing our cybersecurity risks - it allows us to track and report on identified vulnerabilities and attack vectors, as well as our overall security improvement progress."
Jonathan Steeves
IT Services – Governance, Risk & Compliance, Quest

Build resilience with added value solutions

CYE provides a wide range of high-end cybersecurity solutions and professional services to help our customers proactively prevent threats and maintain business continuity.

  • Security assessment
  • Strategic consultancy
  • CISO-as-a-service
  • Security due diligence
  • Incident response
  • Supply chain risk evaluation
  • Build your own SOC
  • Training
  • Red team operations
  • Threat hunting
  • Purple team
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