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Take the guesswork out of your cyber risk strategy by understanding the financial impact of your most probable and threatening attack routes.

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Benefit from a comprehensive security assessment that covers your entire organization’s ecosystem while considering context.

Receive an optimized mitigation plan that considers your potential business impact, severity of threats, and cost of mitigation.

Understand which technical risks are business risks through correlation of asset value, vulnerability severity, and threat actor activity.

Attack Route Visibility

  • Considers probable threat sources, including the internet perimeter, insider threats, and the supply chain.
  • Accurately assesses your organization’s infrastructure reveals vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and security gaps that attackers can exploit.
  • Provides continuous threat intelligence and expert support.

Cyber Risk Quantification

  • Quantifies the risk of each security finding.
  • Translates technical risks into business risks by correlating asset value, the severity of findings, and threat actor activity.
  • Enables security teams to track, report, benchmark, and optimize their security effectiveness.

Risk Mitigation Optimization

  • Weighs potential business impact against the exploitability of the threat and the cost of mitigation.
  • Provides actionable steps to mitigate risk, starting with those that have the highest impact on the business.
  • Enhances your organization’s security posture, while enabling efficient allocation of resources and remediation efforts.
We’ve experienced a significant increase in our risk management capabilities by using the Hyver platform which provides us with deep domain insights on a massive scale.
Markus Jakobi Chief Corporate Services Officer, SHL

Assess Risks with Intelligence, Build Resilience with Data

  • Manage cyber risk on one SaaS platform
  • Share reports about your cyber risk profile
  • Make decisions based on business impact
  • Focus on findings that matter most

Manage cyber risk on one SaaS platform

No need to work with multiple vendors and reports; Hyver simplifies and streamlines your cyber risk management.

Share reports about your cyber risk profile

Translate technical risks into business risks to communicate with and align your team on your risk reduction progress.

Make decisions based on business impact

Hyver puts price tags on your attack probabilities, so you can make security decisions based on business impact insights

Focus on findings that matter most

With Hyver’s attack graph analysis, you can stop scrolling through endless vulnerabilities and start focusing on high-impact mitigation

Built by Red Team Experts

Behind the platform stand leading experts in cybersecurity, bringing decades of hands-on experience from military and commercial operations.

Case Study

CYE Reduces a Global Bank’s Cybersecurity Budget by 20%

Our security teams are well trained, but it is still very challenging to know where the next attack might come from. This is where CYE comes in.

Chief Information Security Officer Bank Client
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CYE Reveals Critical Cybersecurity Flaws of Online Gaming Giant

What started as a semi-bureaucratic regulatory requirement ended up being one of the most important security projects we’ve had in the past few years.

Global CISO Online Gaming Client
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Hyver Saves a Medical Device Company from Five Years of Disruption

I've worked with numerous vendors over the years and I don't believe any of them could have solved this problem like CYE did. Their business mindset is a game changer for the industry.

VP of Information Security Healthcare Client
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Hyver Reduces Cyber Risk of File-Sharing SaaS Provider by 96%

It’s nice to know our concerns are taken care of, which includes assets our team did not identify as top concerns. We identified attack routes that boosted our security maturity level very fast.

Cyber Risk Officer SaaS Provider Client
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