Hyver’s cybersecurity maturity assessment enables you to evaluate your organization’s overall cybersecurity capabilities and readiness.

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Gain a view of your overall cybersecurity posture.

Measure your cybersecurity maturity.

Hyver calculates your organization’s cybersecurity maturity by considering CYE’s continuous and objective data, as well as your security team’s input. Maturity is measured on a scale of 1 through 5 and is mapped according to NIST’s CSF.


Benchmark against industry competitors.

Hyver can compare your cyber risk maturity level to others in your industry, and your score can serve as a market advantage. This benchmarking can help inform your decisions about what should be included in your remediation planning.

Benchmark against industry competitors.

Define and plan your strategy.

Hyver presents a comprehensive view of your overall cybersecurity posture, including technologies, processes and procedures, and knowledge and training of relevant personnel. With this information, you can easily pinpoint areas for effective improvement and set targets.

Track your maturity progress over time.

Hyver continuously evaluates existing vulnerabilities, fixed findings, and technologies so that maturity scoring is always accurate. That way, you can automatically identify issues, monitor your progress, and meet your cybersecurity maturity targets.

Ulrich Fässler

“What we experience with CYE is a growing maturity and understanding of what is necessary to protect our operations, in both the IT and the OT environments of the company, from the top management down to the individual specialists and engineers doing the work.”

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