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Risk Officer

Safeguard your assets through strategic risk management.

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Risk officers are tasked with managing risk in complex, distributed environments while ensuring that the organization complies with industry and government regulations and standards, including GDPR, NIS2, DORA, and TIBER-EU. Risk officers must also evaluate information from multiple stakeholders and solutions to make effective risk management decisions.

How CYE Helps Risk Officers


Understand Your Cyber Risk in Financial Terms

CYE’s probability calculation methodology helps you prioritize resources, allocate budgets, and implement risk management strategies while understanding the true business impact of risk.


Meet the Requirements of Frameworks and Regulations

Using advanced technology, you can effectively assess, analyze, and mitigate cybersecurity risk, helping you meet regulatory requirements.


Make Informed Decisions About Budget and Strategy

CYE’s advanced algorithms and methodologies deliver reliable risk assessments that facilitate data-driven decision making.

“It’s nice to know our concerns are taken care of, which includes assets our team did not identify as top concerns.”

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Streamline your risk management procedures.

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