Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity 

CYE’s Hyver and expert guidance provide the necessary security to protect critical infrastructure from attacks.


The Challenge of Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity 

Governments are still catching up to the rapid increase in sophistication and frequency of cyberattacks targeting their critical infrastructure, including utilities, telecommunications, transportation, and food supply. Typically, such sectors rely on OT systems, which were built in the 1970s and lack the computing power of modern, web-native systems.

Possible Attack Route for Critical Infrastructure

A likely attack route for a technology company depicting how a malicious actor can exploit vulnerabilities to access critical business assets. This is mapped by Hyver, using AI and data science

How CYE Helps Critical Infrastructure


Identify threats to your OT environments.

CYE provides a comprehensive cyber risk assessment that uncovers the threat landscape without entering the environment itself. Through methodological research, CYE provides a comprehensive view of the threats an infrastructure faces with passive data collection, and without the risk of crashing the OT environments within it.  


Quantify critical infrastructure cyber risk. 

CYE’s optimized cyber risk quantification combines security considerations with business considerations to arrive at a clear monetary value for each of the threats. CYE then helps prioritize the threats to critical infrastructure based on severity and the cost to business in the event of an attack.  


Protect your systems from advanced hackers. 

Attacks on critical infrastructure are usually performed by highly capable, elite, government-backed hackers. CYE’s experts include national security and senior intelligence experts with vast expertise in investigating and mitigating large and sophisticated attacks. 

Reuven Aronashvili,

“Hyver provided the visibility, insights, and guidance for the telecom customer to improve cybersecurity maturity level score by 80% within nine months.”


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