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Organizational Assessment

Assess your security controls in every environment, uncover vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, and strengthen your cyber posture.

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As your attack surface grows and cyberattacks become more sophisticated, assessments are crucial to understanding the weaknesses that malicious actors can potentially exploit. CYE’s expert teams thoroughly check every possible entry point, thus ensuring that your organization is well protected.  

Security maturity assessment

Determine your organization’s cyber maturity level by identifying gaps in your overall security program, both from a technical and procedural standpoint.

Security risk assessment

Assess the current cybersecurity posture of your company with a focus on testing previously identified weak points and mitigation implementation.

Internet perimeter assessment

Perform a comprehensive reconnaissance exercise to identify gaps in your organization’s attack surface, and simulate an offensive operation as an external threat actor.

OT environment assessment

Conduct a safe, passive analysis of your OT environment while keeping tool usage limited to IT networks and offline use.

Penetration testing

Find out if your critical assets are adequately protected by uncovering your security system’s vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

Red/purple team exercise

Test the effectiveness of your security controls against the real-world cyberattacks of our skilled ethical hackers, and validate the success or failure of detection.

Sensitive data discovery assessment

Receive a comprehensive analysis of different data storage platforms, including OneDrive, SharePoint, network shares, NAS devices, and employee workstations.

Cloud infrastructure assessment

Assess your cloud management, resources, and different components within it with a review of identity and roles management, storage methods and configuration, and more.

Applications/product assessment

Estimate the security levels of your application or product, identify high-risk vulnerabilities, and receive recommendations for initial remediation steps.

SLDC gap analysis

Find out the current security status of your software development lifecycle and DevOps chain, identify gaps, and plan remediation while considering budget, available tools, and existing resources.

Business continuity plan assessment

Perform an in-depth review of your organization’s current backup policies, its execution, and overall effectiveness.

Mitigation workshops

Formulate short- and long-term action plans to continue and improve your company’s cybersecurity readiness and maturity level.

Oscar Lindberg

“The baseline assessment sharpened our focus in terms of cybersecurity. It made us aware of potential cyber threats. What was helpful and valuable was CYE’s ability to contextualize cybersecurity.”

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