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Today’s Chief Information Security Officers must act as a bridge between the security and business realms: The CISO must explain the number of resources required to reduce specific business risks to decision makers. At the same time, the CISO must be fully aware of emerging threats from a growing attack surface, and how to mitigate risk with a limited budget and staff.

How CYE Helps CISOs


Gain Visibility into Your Organization’s Cyber Gaps

CYE’s data-driven approach, combined with real-world scenarios tailored to your specific company and industry, enables CISOs to identify and prioritize threats effectively.


Communicate Cyber Risk in Business Terms

By quantifying risks in terms of financial impact, CYE helps you convey the importance of investing in cybersecurity and helps you secure the necessary support.


Get the Budget You Need to Protect Your Company

Showcasing the value of your investments and the cost savings of preventing breaches helps you obtain the optimal budget to fortify your organization.


Prioritize Risk and Develop Comprehensive Mitigation Plans

After assessing cyber gaps identified during red team exercises, CYE helps develop comprehensive mitigation plans that address the most critical vulnerabilities.

“The challenge I faced was being able to show a direct correlation between what I’m mitigating, what it’s costing me, and what it’s saving the business. CYE offers that quantification element to elevate the conversation about risk reduction.”

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