Charting Success: CISO’s Guide to Cybersecurity Board Reporting

How to present cyber risk to the board and win approval and support for cybersecurity initiatives. Deck template included.

Charting Success: CISO’s Guide to Cybersecurity Board Reporting

Despite Gartner’s finding that 88% of boards view cybersecurity as a business risk, CISOs often face challenges communicating cybersecurity to the board. Often, there is miscommunication when defining business objectives and cybersecurity priorities.

Bridging this communication barrier is essential for creating a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that aligns with the organization’s goals and business objectives. But how can this be achieved?

This guide provides the answers, including:

  • The main challenges that CISOs face
  • How to address the common concerns of the board
  • How to effectively communicate cyber risk with quantifiable KPIs
  • Key components of board reporting
  • Checklist of what CISOs should present to the board
  • Bonus: slide deck template for board presentation

Download the guide to learn how CISOs can communicate effectively with their boards.

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