About us

We utilize data, numbers, and facts to proactively predict risks and help our customers gain control of their cybersecurity.

Despite massive spending, companies remain vulnerable

Organizations spend fortunes to fend off threats, but even companies with the deepest pockets are overwhelmed by the business implications of having countless vulnerabilities and attack vectors, as well as the number of vendors offering point solutions.

CYE makes every security investment count

CYE analyzes how every security issue affects the business and provides a mathematically-proven action plan. It turns complex investment decisions into simple equations, enabling security leaders to build programs based on facts instead of guesses.

CYE delivers BUSINESS IMPACT INSIGHTS and effectively reduces cyber exposure using contextual security data.


of our customers improved their cybersecurity maturity level to cross the benchmark.


of our customers’ allocated security budget is efficiently invested in risk reduction.


less time spent managing multiple security tools and vendors.

Award-Winning Technology and Team

CYE stands out in the way it drives the customers to improve their security posture. They are fast and data-driven, and are therefore able to advise on what activities quickly reduce risks.
Petter Weiderholm Managing Director, EQT Digital

We’re revolutionizing security decision-making

As the threat landscape grows in complexity, security teams are grappling with how best to prevent and respond to devastating cyberattacks. We founded CYE to help enterprises address this challenge. We built a powerful and adaptive solution that identifies threats which mathematically pose the greatest risk to organizations. Our all-in-one solution maps out an accurate risk profile, quantifies cyber risk, and builds optimized mitigation plans.

Leadership Team

Reuven Aronashvili
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Haim Aharoni
Co-founder & Chief Procurement Officer
Gabi Levenberg
Co-founder & Services Team Leader
Matan Chen
Co-founder & Services Team Leader
Eyal Greenberg
Co-founder & Head of Research
Steve Midgley
Chief Revenue Officer
Noy Saban
Chief Financial Officer
Inbar Ries
Chief Product Officer
Sharon Argov
Chief Marketing Officer
Shmulik Yehezkel
Chief Critical Cyber Operations
Reut Diei
VP Human Resources
Yuval Eldad
VP Customer Operations
Dr. Nimrod Partush
VP Data Science
Shimon Revah
VP Sales
Michael Gendelman
VP Research & Development
Mika Daniel Gonen
VP Customer Success
Lior Bar-Lev
VP Strategy & BizOps

Advisory Board

Franck Cohen
Executive and Advisor SAP, Workday, Suse
Petter Weiderholm
Managing Director, EQT Digital
John Negron
GTM Expert, Tenable, Cisco

Our Guiding Lights

Value Obsession

We are always looking for new ways to improve our customers’ experience and security.

Data First

Utilizing data is the foundation of our optimal decision-making.


Customers trust us with their most valuable assets, which means that the decisions we make must be unquestionably ethical.


Meeting the highest quality standards is a promise, regardless of increased efforts, resources, or time.


We always push ourselves forward and upward to become the best experts and people.

Careers at CYE

We are looking for people with a drive to build and grow.

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