Healthcare Cybersecurity

Protect your patients, organization, and devices.


The Challenge of Healthcare Cybersecurity

Healthcare has always been a significant target for cybercriminals for several reasons: The data can be valuable, with stolen health credentials often being sold for higher prices than credit card numbers on the black market. Healthcare also relies on technology to store its ever-increasing data—and the security is often inadequate.

Possible Attack Route for Healthcare Cybersecurity

A likely attack route for a healthcare company depicting how a malicious actor can exploit vulnerabilities to access critical business assets. This is mapped by Hyver, using AI and data science.

How CYE Helps Healthcare Cybersecurity


Identify and mitigate potential threats to your patients.

Cyberattacks can paralyze healthcare systems, which can disrupt surgeries, health monitoring, and even life support. CYE’s healthcare cybersecurity focuses on comprehensive access control and data protection, thus ensuring that patient data remains private but available on a need-to-know basis. In this way, CYE helps healthcare companies effectively reduce their cyber exposure and protect their patients.


Safeguard your organization and comply with regulations.

The regulatory fallout resulting from healthcare cyberattacks can be devastating. Not complying with regulations like HIPAA can lead to hefty fines and even potential jail time. CYE works with healthcare organizations to help with compliance, such as by encrypting medical data, training personnel about PHI guidelines, and implementing robust access control.


Protect your patients by securing your medical devices.

A cyber incident that shuts down x-rays, MRIs, and ultrasounds can be a disaster for patients. To prevent this, CYE considers multiple factors when assessing healthcare cyber risk, including the type of attacker, the business assets at risk, the environments, and the true threat of vulnerabilities. Using this data, Hyver visualizes possible attack routes, quantifies cyber risk, and prioritizes mitigation.

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