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Unveil vulnerabilities and strengthen your defenses.

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Red team leaders must work to uncover possible attack routes to organizations, even as they face an evolving threat landscape. Heads of red teams must also articulate the potential risk of identified vulnerabilities to stakeholders and explain how remediation efforts can provide a return on investment.

How CYE Helps Heads of Red Teams


Plan Your Red Team’s Attack Routes

CYE empowers heads of red teams to plan attacks strategically. Using Hyver, teams can identify the most effective attack vectors to test your security posture, as well as communicate the outcome of their activity.


Expand Your Personnel, Tools, and Infrastructure

CYE’s experts augment your current resources, allowing your red team to boost its precision, accuracy, and effectiveness.


Present Your Case to the CISO

CYE enables you to report the ROI of remediation efforts, helping you gain support from leadership and secure the necessary resources to improve your organization’s security.

“We thought we had confidence in our cybersecurity program before the assessment, but we surely did not expect these results.”

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Strategically test your organization’s defenses.

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