Retail Cybersecurity

Protect your business and customers from cyber incidents.


The Challenges of Retail Cybersecurity

Retail companies operate in complex, highly distributed environments, combining physical locations, eCommerce websites, and connectivity to many different systems and environments around the world, which can be difficult to secure. In addition, retail businesses work with third parties and store and process payment and personal information, which must be protected to meet both customer expectations and regulatory requirements. Maintaining business continuity is also critical, particularly during the holiday season.

Possible Attack Route for Retail Cybersecurity

A likely attack route for a retail company depicting how a malicious actor can exploit vulnerabilities to access critical business assets. This is mapped by Hyver, using AI and data science. 

How CYE Helps Retail Cybersecurity


Gain full visibility into your financial organization’s cyber risk.

CYE’s optimized cyber risk quantification platform, Hyver, analyzes potential threat sources from both physical and online locations and across all environments. Hyver then calculates optimized compensating measures to ensure that the organization is protected efficiently by identifying which measure provides the highest return on investment.


Mitigate cyber risk effectively and comply with regulations.

CYE works with retail organizations to address third-party risk and helps with regulatory compliance, such as by encrypting customer data, training employees, and implementing access control. CYE also considers regulatory requirements in mitigation plans to address cyber gaps in the most efficient way.


Minimize the likelihood of a cyberattack and ensure business continuity.

Hyver ensures business continuity by providing a complete analysis of cyber risk in highly distributed environments. This way, retail companies can efficiently and effectively manage cybersecurity needs as they ebb and surge throughout the year and remain open for business.


“What CYE offers in unique. You can find risk mitigation solutions and assessment specialists; you can find platforms that track or quantify your vulnerabilities. But I see no other companies that unify all these vulnerabilities.”


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