Cyber Risk

Hyver’s cyber risk quantification determines the potential financial consequences of cyber risk in dollars, as well as the cost of mitigating it.

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Quantify your organization’s cyber risk.

Evaluate your organization’s risk. 

Organizational risk is the expected monetary loss given an organization’s security posture and the result of a breach.

This equation is backed by a wealth of algorithms and data models built by CYE. Hyver quantifies risk by first identifying what’s important for each organization, such as business continuity and customer privacy. It then assigns cost and likelihood of breach to each business-critical asset.

Risk ORG

Maximize ROI of cybersecurity investments.

With Hyver’s ROI analysis tool, you can effectively plan your cybersecurity budget and understand the financial impact of mitigation activities. The platform provides built-in calculators to assess potential savings and compare them against annualized costs.

Maximize ROI of cybersecurity investments.

Communicate risk to board and stakeholders.

Cyber risk quantification defines your organization’s security posture in financial and business terms. This way, you can provide explicit guidance to management and security teams on acceptable levels of loss exposure, which can help you build effective security programs.

Communicate risk to board and stakeholders.

Build a strong cyber posture based on data.

Cyber risk quantification, done right, plays an important role in making your organization more secure. By improving security investments and prioritizing mitigation efforts, cyber risk quantification helps your organization save time and money and reduce risk.

Build a strong cyber posture based on data.
Sundar Sankarnarayanan

“CYE uniquely offers a combination of risk assessment, quantification, mitigation, and security education all under one roof.”

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