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The Threat to Tech Companies

For technology companies, cyberattacks pose a threat to the product, especially those that have extensive customer interfaces. A cyberattack on the intellectual property and core asset of the company can affect multiple users, spreading quickly, critically damaging business continuity, and requiring immediate mitigation. CYE specializes in cybersecurity for the tech industry, providing customers with comprehensive protection for every part of the company – from the organization to the product.

Possible Attack Route for Tech Companies

A likely attack route for a technology company depicting how a malicious actor can exploit vulnerabilities to access critical business assets. This is mapped by Hyver, using AI and data science.

How CYE Helps Tech Companies


Identify and mitigate threats to your intellectual property.

To prevent attacks on intellectual property, CYE offers comprehensive product security throughout the design, architecture, and development lifecycle, all the way to deployment and ongoing maintenance. Based on a company’s existing state of cyber readiness as well as the type of product, CYE customizes an IP-specific cybersecurity plan.


Prevent cyberattacks to your customers through your technology.

To secure your product, CYE performs SDLC gap analysis and conducts a high-level application architecture threat modeling to map and mitigate threats. Our experts also perform security design reviews of new features, examine the development CI\CD pipeline, conduct developer awareness training, and benchmark different application security tools.


Protect your brand reputation and customer trust.

To make sure that your brand reputation is not damaged, CYE offers dedicated incident response to recover from crisis with minimal disruption. It includes breach response and containment, assessment of damage, awareness training, post-event mitigation planning and more.

Dvir Cohen

“We haven’t had to handle a security breach situation, perhaps because we used CYE from the beginning. I sleep better at night, knowing that if we were to have a breach, CYE has my back.”


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