Attack Route

Hyver assesses your cyber risk by mapping probable attack routes, helping you communicate cyber threats to stakeholders in your organization.

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Gain visibility into likely attack routes.

Identify and analyze potential threats to your organization.

With the help of red teams, CYE performs a comprehensive organizational assessment that considers all possible attack vectors, including internet facing assets, clouds, on-prem access, and vendors. It evaluates all aspects of cybersecurity posture, from purely technical findings to organizational policies and employee behavior.  

Attack Route Visualization

Receive a complete view of your company’s probable attack routes.

Using the assessment data, Hyver creates a customized attack graph depicting security gaps that lead to your critical business assets. These assets can vary from one organization to another, and can include employee information, business continuity, reputation, and customer information. 


Attack Route Visualization

Determine the likelihood that your cyber gaps will be exploited.

The graph model considers attacker capabilities and progress between various vulnerabilities. Hyver also calculates the probability that an attacker will exploit cyber gaps by considering parameters such as attack complexity and popularity. 

Attack Route Visualization
Yuval  Eldad

“When defenders understand the hacker’s mind, they can win the battle. That’s what we accomplish with an attack graph.”

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