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Emergency & Operations

Receive 24/7 support for successful containment, remediation, and recovery from a breach, and minimize operational impact to your business.

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As more national-level cyber capabilities and hacking tools become accessible to the public, cyberattacks against commercial organizations have become more sophisticated. CYE’s response teams include national-level security experts with vast experience in rapidly investigating and mitigating all kinds of attacks.  


Full incident lifecycle

By continuously monitoring and updating the mitigation graph, organizations can stay ahead of emerging threats and maintain their security posture over time.

Full incident lifecycle
Crisis management

Contain a cyber crisis immediately by addressing both business and security concerns, including establishing communication and responsibilities.

Crisis management readiness (CMR)

Periodically assess your organization’s crisis management competence and the effectiveness of playbooks with the goal of building an orderly plan.

Immediate response & recovery

Receive a detailed analysis of your environment following an incident to enable long-term architectural improvement and prevent future potential crises.

Incident response

Rapidly respond to, investigate, and mitigate attacks with minimal damage to your business operations and bottom line, and prevent future cybersecurity incidents.

Cyber threat hunting

Trace hidden cyber threats and create targeted hypotheses to find digital footprints in your network, plan mitigation, and prevent future attacks.

Elad Leon

“In the world of incident response, the mindset of ‘not if, but when’ is crucial for companies. It acknowledges the inevitability of cybersecurity incidents and emphasizes the importance of being prepared. By adopting this attitude, organizations proactively focus on building robust incident response capabilities to effectively mitigate and manage incidents when they occur.”

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