Financial Services Cybersecurity

Safeguard your financial institutions from potential cyberattacks.


The Challenge of Financial Services Cybersecurity

Financial institutions such as banks, insurance companies, and investment firms are justifiably concerned about cybersecurity and its rising costs. Digitized banking and insurance services have increased the likelihood of a breach, which can result in financial loss and reputational damage. At the same time, financial institutions face an ever-changing regulatory environment in data protection and privacy with hefty fines and penalties for those who don’t comply.

Possible Attack Route for Financial Services

A likely attack route for a financial company depicting how a malicious actor can exploit vulnerabilities to access critical business assets. This is mapped by Hyver, using AI and data science.

How CYE Helps Financial Services Cybersecurity


Unveil threats to your financial organization and prioritize mitigation.

CYE’s optimized cyber risk quantification platform, Hyver, identifies the vulnerabilities that pose a risk to your critical business assets and prioritizes their mitigation. Staying ahead of evolving threats and acting quickly to contain cyber incidents ensures uninterrupted operations, protection of sensitive data, and maintaining the trust of clients.


Demonstrate regulatory compliance and protect your reputation.

By implementing measures to strengthen your financial services cybersecurity, you can align your strategy with industry standards and regulations, thereby fostering a resilient defense against cyber threats. This approach not only safeguards sensitive data, but also enhances your organization’s reputation and credibility.


Optimize your cybersecurity investment decisions and increase ROI.

Hyver’s ROI analysis tool allows you to plan your cybersecurity budget while considering the financial impact of mitigation. You can assess your potential savings by using the platform’s built-in calculators and easily present your conclusions and recommendations to management.


Our security teams are well trained, but it is still very challenging to know where the next attack might come from. This is where CYE comes in.” 


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