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Strategic & Advisory

Our trusted experts can help you create and manage robust cybersecurity strategies.

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CYE’s security experts provide tailored strategies for protecting your organization, help you comply with regulations, and ensure that you are prepared for a cyber incident.  

CISO as-a-service

Work with a top-tier CISO to build a comprehensive security program, prioritize activities, manage your security team, and assist with recruitment.

Cybersecurity due diligence services

Assess potential acquisitions to identify weaknesses that might affect pricing negotiations and plan the merging of system infrastructures after acquisition.

SOC2 attestation consultancy service

Help your organization achieve SOC2 attestation by assessing readiness, pinpointing gaps, and thoroughly reviewing the report to ensure that it fulfills all requirements.

Security architect consulting

Work with a senior security architect for consulting and support with AWS/Azure reviews, GPO hardening, SSDLC process, and more.

Management IR readiness

Create an incident response playbook and conduct incident response engagement and crisis management readiness so you can respond swiftly in the event of a cyber incident.

SOC maturity improvement

Create a strategy, roadmap, and implementation steps needed to improve your organization’s security operation center.

Executive security service

Proactively mitigate the risks associated with security and business espionage targeting your senior leadership through threat identification, containment, and recovery.

Ivar Fjeldheim

“We’ve developed a built-in awareness of security that CYE hammered into us after several years of working together.”

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