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Head of Security Operations

Ensure efficient security operations for uninterrupted business.

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The Head of Security Operations faces many challenges overseeing the organization’s security strategy and working with stakeholders to ensure that security policies and procedures align with business goals. To succeed, the Head of Security Operations must have visibility into potential cyber threats and know how to prioritize their mitigation.

How CYE Helps Heads of Security Operations


Identify the Most Critical Cyber Threats

CYE’s comprehensive organizational assessment identifies all possible attack vectors that present risk to your critical business assets, such as customer information, reputation, and business continuity.


Prioritize Cyber Needs and Manage Information

To achieve optimum risk reduction, CYE determines which vulnerabilities are the most critical to block and prioritizes their mitigation according to importance and exposure.


Gain Visibility into a Dynamic and Growing Attack Surface

CYE’s expert team and platform check all possible entry points to your organization, making you aware of potential cyber threats and ensuring that you are protected.

“We use Hyver on a regular basis for getting up-to-date information on security vulnerabilities, gaps in our IT systems, and planning mitigation steps.”

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Gain visibility into your organization’s cyber threats.

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