CYE provides a wide range of high-end cybersecurity solutions and professional services to improve our customers’ security postures and minimize their attack surfaces.


Gain a realistic understanding of your cyber risks

Experienced, trusted security consultants provide a comprehensive report of the real-life risks to your business, covering infrastructure, ICS/SCADA, cloud, application and more.
CYE’s assessments are based on hands-on attacks and give you an accurate picture of the real-life risk to your business.


Trusted experts at
your service

From high-level strategic decision-making to hand-picking your technology stack, our experts act as your trusted advisors so that you will never be alone when facing your cybersecurity challenges.


Drive your security operations

Our consultants create and manage your cybersecurity budget, build and operate your SOC (across people, processes and technologies), evaluate new security tools, services, and their integration, adhere to security regulatory compliance, and set industry standard frameworks (e.g. MITRE ATT&CK, NIST).

Security due

Get an experts opinion at critical
decision points

Our security consultants help you make informed business decisions by providing you with a clear view of the cyber risks associated with new collaborative engagements, such as M&As, technological partnerships, capital investments, and more.


Recover from crisis with minimal disruption

Our national experts ensure effective mitigation of incidents with minimal damage to your business operations or bottom line. Our incident response teams address both business and security aspects of a crisis by mitigating the attack and conducting a thorough and timely investigation.

“We have multiple tools, but they don’t work together… CYE brings all of our security needs under one roof. This enables us to constantly monitor and improve our cybersecurity score and protect our key business assets."

CIO at a F500 company | CISO-as-a-service Customer

Supply chain

Evaluate the risk of your vendors and suppliers

Our experts conduct continuous assessments of the cyber risks that your supply chain has on your business. We provide a risk score by vendor profile and industry, as well as actionable insights for vendors to implement in order to improve their security postures.

Build your
own SOC

Manage your security operations in-house

Benefit from decades of our commercial and military experience to manage your security operations in-house. We train your people, make sure you have the right processes in place, and help you choose the right technologies for your organization's needs.


Educate your people with relevant cyber skills

We provide professional courses to cultivate cybersecurity awareness and improve the skills of your workforce, including employee awareness, cybersecurity for developers, executive table-top training, and red team building.

Red team

Improve your defense by understanding the offense

Our security experts conduct reconnaissance, infiltrate networks and reach valuable business assets in order to support your blue team so that you can gain control over your network and be prepared for the next attack.


Proactively uncover threats that put your business at risk

Our professional threat hunters trace unknown cyber threats and create targeted hypotheses to find digital footprints in your network. Followed by a dedicated mitigation plan that neutralizes threats and prevents future attacks.


Synchronizing blue and red teams for increased security

Oversee and optimize red and blue team exercises by analyzing each attack technique and defense expectation in order to improve people, process and technology - in real-time.

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