Cyber Talks is a series where we share real stories, practical insights, and proven tips - all based on our experts' cyber experience and knowledge.

Watch Our Cyber Experts

Yigal Van-Dongen and Nathali Elazar

How Can You Avoid Social Engineering Attacks?

What is phishing and how can you protect yourself from it? Listen to our experts divulge the latest information on the topic.

Eps. 6 | 14 Min

Inbar Ries and Nimrod Partush

Efficient Techniques for Quantifying Risk

Can data and AI predict the cost of a cyberattack? Listen to a deep dive into the future of cyber risk quantification.

Eps. 5 | 21 Min

Lionel Sigal and Lior Bar Lev

Why is Threat Intelligence Important for EVERYONE?

Why should every CISO integrate threat intelligence into their security plans? Listen to our experts delve into how accurate intel can save you both money and effort.

Eps. 4 | 17 Min

Tal Memran and Nafthali Elazar

Why is DMARC So Important?

Are you falling victim to the most common social engineering attacks? Listen to our experts’ advice on the best way to address this issue.

Eps. 3 | 5 Min

Gil Cohen

Are You Making Mistakes in Your Application Security?

Are your developers doing what they should to make your apps secure? Listen to our application security expert address your most critical issues.

Eps. 2 | 8 Min

Max Shlochiski

How Does One Gain a More Mature Security Posture?

Your mitigation plan should consider more than just vulnerabilities and technical details. Find out which tools can be the most effective.

Eps. 1 | 7 Min

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