The Data Your Cybersecurity Program Needs

Event over – thank you for attending, here’s a summary of what we had.


Cybersecurity budgets are increasing, yet overall organizational cybersecurity maturity levels are – at best – remaining stagnant, or – at worst – decreasing, leaving organizations increasingly exposed to cyber attacks.

After analyzing this phenomenon, we came up with the following conclusions to help organizations increase their cyber resilience.

in the workshop, we covered:

  • The modern approach to security assessments (when, how and how often)
  • How to go beyond long lists of vulnerabilities and utilize attack graphs to map out the big picture and generate actionable insights
  • How to focus on the most urgent threats to your organization rather than generic severity levels to constantly improve your security posture
  • How to optimize your resource allocation by understanding what your attacker is going to do next

Watch the full recording of the workshop:

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