A Game Changer in Due Diligence and M&A’s

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Companies that are undergoing major changes, such as M&As or IPOs, are learning the hard way that it’s better to spend more on improving their security postures than spend less and suffer dramatic valuation reductions due to cyber gaps. As a result, security leaders are sitting in on more and more board meetings, but they’re facing a language barrier as they try to translate technical risks into business impact—a language the board understands.

In this webcast, senior managers and partners from top-tier global private equities, including EQT’s Petter Weiderholm and Francisco Partners’ Eran Gorev, together with John Pescatore from SANS and CYE CEO Reuven Aronashvili, share their war stories about the role of cybersecurity in the boardroom. They also provide tips for CISOs in board discussions; what the cyber risk dashboard should include and best practices to make smarter investment decisions in an evolving cyber threat landscape.