The Guide to Outsmarting Hackers

An overview of CYE’s offensive approach to cybersecurity.

the guide to outsmarting hackers

As attack surfaces continue to grow, organizations must defend against increasing cybersecurity threats that pose risk to business-critical assets. While attackers just need to identify and exploit a single vulnerable path, an organization needs to identify and defend all possible entry points—a much more difficult task that gives hackers an unfair advantage.

By leveraging our offensive DNA, CYE has developed a data-driven solution that helps security teams “think like hackers” and build impactful mitigation plans

In this guide, you will learn how you can outsmart hackers by:

  • Visualizing probable attack routes using vulnerability data.
  • Prioritizing mitigation that strengthens security posture while minimizing costs.
  • Making it more difficult for attackers to breach your organization.
  • Developing a strategy for thinking ahead of potential attackers.

Download this guide to better understand how to optimize your organizational cybersecurity program with significant business impact.

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