Breaking Down the TSA Pipeline Security Directive

Webinar recording available now!

Watch our panel of experts to discuss the TSA pipeline regulation and have an open discussion on a risk-based approach to critical infrastructure.

As attacks on pipelines and critical infrastructure are becoming more frequent, it has led the US government to turn up the heat on both ransomware attackers and defenders.

CYE and OTORIO work with customers to provide short- and long-term plans to meet the new regulations and to use the opportunity to increase security posture in IT and OT environments.

Join a former FBI agent and founders of the Israeli Army’s cyber defense and red team units to discuss how critical pipeline owners and operators can turn the new TSA requirements into a practical work plan while improving organizational security maturity.

You will learn:

How to convert the new regulations into a practical cybersecurity work plan
How to review your current cybersecurity status
What the new US government regulations mean for the industry
How the next major attack can be avoided
How to develop a step-by-step plan to improve cyber hygiene and improve the security posture of your company


Reuven Aronashvili, CEO of CYE, and founder and former head of the IDF’s red team
Scott Augenbaum, former FBI Cyber Crime Fraud Unit
Daniel Bren, Co-Founder and CEO, OTORIO