Ring in the New Year with Strategic IT/OT Security

Over the past several years, highly sophisticated cyberattacks have emerged in both IT and OT environments. While IT environments are renowned for their flexibility and dynamism, certain OT architectures are designed to endure decades with minimal changes.

Intrusions into OT environments can result in severe and far-reaching consequences. With the anticipation of even more devastating cyberattacks in the future, organizations face the challenge of establishing secure IT and OT networks to fortify their defenses.

In this webinar, our IT and OT security experts:

  • Discuss how to build the right cross-environment security strategy
  • Share lessons learned from securing IT/OT environments
  • Addressed questions about effective IT and OT cybersecurity

Dave Cullen, Field CTO, OTORIO

Daniel Bren, CEO and Co-Founder, OTORIO
Reuven Aronashvili, CEO and Co-Founder, CYE