The Cybersecurity Maturity Report 2023: The Stories Behind the Data

Cybersecurity maturity tells a story about industries, countries, and organizations: Did they prioritize cybersecurity? Did they have processes in place to identify and close cyber gaps? How prepared were they for cyber incidents?

To answer these questions, CYE’s Industry Cybersecurity Maturity Report 2023 broke down data from hundreds of cyber assessments, covering 11 industries across 15 countries. The goal was to determine how well industries and countries addressed seven core security domains that made up a holistic cybersecurity posture.

In this webinar, we discuss the results of this groundbreaking report, including:

  • Which industries and countries stood out, and which need to improve
  • Common vulnerabilities seen across all companies
  • How regulations can make a difference in cybersecurity maturity
  • Recommendations for how organizations can improve their cyber postures

Watch the webinar on-demand to find out how your industry and organization compares to the rest.


Nimrod Partush, VP Data Science and report author, CYE
Rubi Aronashvili, Founder and CEO, CYE