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Awareness, Training, and Executive Protection

Protect your senior leadership and empower your employees with the knowledge and skills to prevent cyber threats.

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Because your employees communicate inside and outside of your organization and have access to infrastructure, it is crucial to enhance their cybersecurity awareness. CYE’s security experts help create a security-oriented work culture for your employees—as well as provide protection for your VIPs.


Awareness is key to organizational cyber resilience. CYE's experts focus on cybersecurity awareness by implementing these best practices.

Organizational awareness

Conduct employee workshops meant to boost cybersecurity awareness and preparedness and safeguard against cyber threats.

Management awareness and training

Engage in tabletop exercises to discuss potential attack scenarios to your organization, create processes and roles, and understand the consequences.

SOC maturity improvement

Create a strategy, roadmap, and implementation steps needed to improve your organization’s security operation center.

General security awareness exercise

Educate and train your employees in workshops that enhance their cybersecurity awareness, thus improving your organization’s cyber resilience.

Executive security service

Proactively mitigate the risks associated with security and business espionage targeting your senior leadership through threat identification, containment, and recovery.

Sundar Sankarnarayanan

“CYE’s staff is knowledgeable and responsive. Their teams communicate clearly to help us reduce our risks and resolve technical issues quickly.”

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