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15 Cybersecurity Podcasts CISOs Should Add to Their Playlist

March 14, 2024

15 Cybersecurity Podcasts CISOs Should Add to Their Playlist

We’ve curated a list of 15 essential cybersecurity podcasts that every CISO should bookmark. From the latest ransomware threats to strategic tactics on mastering board reporting, these podcasts will give you everything you need to stay up to date in the cybersecurity world.

1. CISO Series Podcast (United States)

Led by David Spark, the CISO Series is, without a doubt, one of the best podcasts out there. Topics range from compliance to ransomware, and the latest breaches that hit the news. They publish 9-10 episodes every week across their vast network, which also includes Capture the CISO, Cyber Security Headlines, Super Cyber Friday, and Defense in Depth, co-hosted by Geoff Belknap, CISO at LinkedIn.

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2. Cloud Security Podcast (UK)

Ashish Rajan and Shilpi Bhattacharjee’s Cloud Security Podcast covers everything a CISO should know about mastering application security. Featured episodes include “CISO Perspective: Pentester to CISO” with Josh Lemos, CISO of GitLab, “How to Build a Modern Cyber Security Program” with Larry Whiteside Jr., and “Cloud Security in the BoardRoom – CISO Perspective” with Phil Venables, CISO at Google Cloud.

You’ll also love “Hot Takes,” where CISOs discuss the latest trending security topics while eating spicy chili peppers. See who has the highest threshold for spice.

3. CISO Tradecraft® (United States)

CISO Tradecraft® is hosted by G Mark Hardy and Ross Young. It covers a wide range of topics which include risk management, product security, detection and response capabilities, and leadership. Featured episodes include “CISO Predictions for 2024,” “Board Perspectives,” and “The Cost of Cyber Defense.”

4. CISO’s Secrets (Israel)

CISO’s Secrets is presented by Check Point and features in-depth discussions with some of the most prominent names in the industry. CISO’s Secrets covers the latest security trends and challenges that CISOs and CIOs face daily. It is definitely worth adding to your playlist.

5. The Virtual CISO Podcast (United States)

The Virtual CISO Podcast is hosted by John Verry. Featured episodes include “Strategies for Reducing the Cost of Your Cyber Liability Insurance Policy” with Jack Liljeberg, True “Confessions of a Real Virtual CISO” with Andrew Farkas, and “Revolutionizing Security Training” with Kevin Paige, CISO and VP of Product Strategy at Uptycs.

6. CISO Talk (United States)

Hosted by James Azar, CISO Talk covers all the essential topics for success in the modern enterprise. Renowned CISO Andy Ellis, author of the “1% Leadership Book,” shares the importance of small daily improvements and how they can be applied to enhance leadership skills, cybersecurity strategies, and overall professional growth. Tune in for insightful discussions and actionable insights.

7. 401 Access Denied Podcast (United States)

The 401 Access Denied Podcast is hosted by Delinea’s ethical hacker Joseph Carson and is one of the top cybersecurity podcasts you will listen to. Featured episodes include “Cyber Insurance Trends for Risk Management” with Dara Gibson, “Going from Hacker to CISO” with Jason Haddix, and “Cybersecurity in the Boardroom” with Art Gilliland, Delinea’s CEO.

8. Hacker Valley Studio (United States)

Hacker Valley Studio is led by Ron Eddings, CEO of Hacker Valley Media, and is a treasure trove of knowledge for CISOs. Featured episodes include “Cyber Defense Reinvented: The New Era of Attack Surface Management” and the latest episode on “Paving the Path for CISOs of the Future” with Gary Hayslip.

9. The New CISO Podcast (United States)

The New CISO Podcast is hosted by Exabeam Chief Security Strategist and former IT security leader, Stephen Moore. Every CISO should tune in to this podcast. Featured episodes include “What Would a Breach Cost You? Personal Risk vs. Reward as a CISO,” “Landing a Seat in the C-Suite” with Mike Woodson, and “Investing in Your Security Team” with Zane Gittins.

10. mnemonic Security Podcast (Norway)

Based in the gorgeous Nordic region, the mnemonic Security Podcast is a place where IT security professionals can go to obtain insight into what their peers are working with and thinking about. Join host Robby Peralta as he explores the global cyber risk landscape. Notable episodes include “Influencing the Board” with Roger Ison-Haug, CISO at StormGeo, “Enterprise Security Architecture” with Nick Murison, CISO at Ardoq, and “Securing LinkedIn” with who else but LinkedIn CISO Geoff Belknap.

11. Resilient Cyber (United States)

Resilient Cyber is hosted by Chris Hughes, President of Aquia, and co-author of Modern Vulnerability Management. Chris is one of the most sought-after voices in the AppSec field. Resilient Cyber features episodes that include “A Year in the Seat – a CISO’s Retrospective” with Joseph Lewis, “Threat Hunting & Detection Engineering” with Chris Kulakowski, and “Cyber, the Board and Regulations” with former SEC Chair Senior Cybersecurity Advisor Chris Hetner.

12. Risky Business (United States)

Risky Business has been around since 2007. It is hosted by Patrick Gray and features everything from the latest breaches to privacy concerns and network security. Risky Business goes in-depth on the latest attacks and covers cybersecurity trending news as well.

13. Life of a CISO with Dr. Eric Cole (United States)

Dr. Eric Cole began his career with the CIA as a professional hacker, eventually joining the SANS Institute, where he developed coursework that is now the foundation of the SANS Information Security Training and Security Certification. Featured podcast episodes include his “Fact vs Friction” series and “Cybersecurity Focus: Communication & Risk.”

14. Smashing Security (UK)

Smashing Security is one of the most popular podcasts on cybersecurity. Hosted by cybersecurity superstar and Doctor Who fan Graham Cluley, and his partner in cybercrime, Carole Theriault, Smashing Security adds a much-needed dose of humor to the latest ransomware attacks and bogus scams. The episode titles say it all. They even have their own Subreddit, r/SmashingSecurity, so make sure you follow them.

15. eXecutive Security (United States)

Gene Fay serves as the CEO of ThreatX, an API security company, and also hosts the eXecutive Security Podcast. Key episodes include “How AI Will Change Cybersecurity Jobs” With Tony Pietrocola of AgileBlue, “The Role of Behavioral Science in Cybersecurity” With Masha Sedova of Elevate Security (acquired by Mimecast), and “How to Reskill to Work in Cybersecurity” With Christine Gadsby of BlackBerry.

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