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What Makes Us CYE – The Five Lights that Guide Our Way

September 24, 2020

What Makes Us CYE – The Five Lights that Guide Our Way

Since CYE’s inception in 2012, the foundations that paved the path of its journey are the ones that still make up the core of CYE today, and affect every aspect of the company. As we see it, the combination of all of them, and the way they intertwine, create our company’s DNA and culture.

1. Challenge assumptions. Always.

In order to thrive, to excel, you need to challenge assumptions. The concept of challenging everything is one of our main drivers at CYE. It affects our hiring strategy, our research and development, the way we approach new markets and how we actually conduct our security assessment with customers.

When we begin assessing the security posture of a customer, we assume nothing. We don’t think that because there are certain security measures in place, they are protected or unbreachable. We don’t assume that if systems have been patched, they are necessarily secure. We challenge them anyway.

2. Choose quality over quantity.

Defining what you need is a much harder task than what we tend to think at first. In recent years, we hear more and more about the ‘minimalism’ and ‘back-to-basics’ lifestyle trends that help us better understand what we need and then to realize that we mostly need very little. If you know exactly what’s right for you, you don’t need a lot. 

The ability to focus and eliminate noise helps us reach our goals faster and better. The concept of ‘quality over quantity’ plays a meaningful part of our offering. What we do is very focused and mathematically accurate. Although it has a great effect on the entire security posture of the organization, our solution does not require complex deployments, resources and integrations. Our choice of quality over quantity also extends to the outcome of our work. Our findings are delivered in short, straightforward, and actionable reports, as opposed to standard lengthy reports that are practically impossible to follow and accordingly plan and execute.

3. Adopt openness as a strategy.

Being open often works in collaboration with challenging assumptions, it’s like they are mutual enablers. You can refer to being open as ‘thinking out of the box’ or ‘stepping out of your comfort zone’. Eventually, if you look around, you will always find new opportunities, come up with disruptive ideas, and make better decisions. We encourage our employees to adopt openness as a strategy, as we believe it is extremely valuable to the company, as well as to them personally.

Since the beginning, openness was guiding CYE. It is openness that has led us to design a strategic offering as opposed to a niche solution. It has enabled us to reach out to new markets and to compete with industry giants. Most solutions in our field present findings in a similar manner, evaluating the risk based on the severity of the finding. Open to our customers’ needs, we realized that cyber-security mostly serves to protect their valuable business assets, which aren’t always protected in a timely manner, when risk is evaluated solely based on severity. This need became our first priority.

We came up with a fundamentally different way of prioritizing the risk to the organization. Combining math into our risk assessment enables us to classify findings based on their impact on the business. This enables the organization to invest resources in fixing what impacts business first, as opposed to wasting resources on fixing risks that have limited impact on the business and can wait.

4. Predict and be proactive.

The basic concept behind CYE’s offering is to accurately predict possible attack paths and to enable our customers to prevent the possibility of such an attack from even beginning. Our customers don’t wait for the attacker to enter the network, they proactively find the vulnerabilities that interest the attacker, before the attackers do, and fix them. Using threat intelligence, threat hunting techniques and additional tools and capabilities, we provide our customers the ability to better control their cyber resilience.

The past six months have been a new experience on many levels to all of us. For CYE, it was an opportunity to see how we adapt to this new reality based on these core pillars, and we believe that they make a genuinely solid base for reaching higher as well as for overcoming turbulent times.  

5. Our people.

Our biggest success and what I am most proud of. We recruit and retain great people, people who are looking to build and to be built. We invest a lot in our people, building a personal growth plan for each and every one of them. By cultivating a culture based on intrinsic motivations and a real commitment to our mission, we help our people reach their full potential.

The one thing we can’t compromise on is our ethics and moral principles. In our work, we deal with the core of the largest organizations in the world, which is why mutual trust is the basis of our relationship inside and outside the company. I believe our people are our most important assets and should be treated as such.

Reut Diei

By Reut Diei

VP of HR