Sustainable Transformation in a Fast-Changing World

Nov 18, 2021 12:30 PM CET

Event over – thank you for attending, here’s a summary of what we had.

This year’s hybrid Global EQT Network Conference aims to engage their most important Advisors and Chairs of their portfolio companies, in a strategic discussion and exchange on the increasingly challenging environment we all face. Shifts are happening on all fronts. The transformation is driven by rising and increasing environmental alerts, geopolitical turmoil, digitalization, Covid, inflation et al.

EQT is putting the challenges on the agenda as they believe we constantly need to review them to be ahead of the curve. They will discuss how EQT steers its portfolio companies in this rapidly changing world and how they create the future in an uncertain environment.

For the conference, EQT Chairperson Conni Jonsson and CEO Christian Sinding will give their perspective on the challenges and what that means for EQT. In addition, they will be joined by a panel of specialists, including Reuven Aronashvili, founder and CEO of CYE  to provide in-depth input on the geopolitical changes, ESG, inflation and cyber security.


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