Texas Cyber Summit

Sep 28, 2023 Starts at 10:00am CET
JW Marriott, Austin

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Join us for an enlightening live lecture as we journey into the intricate realm of cloud security with our Cyber Security Expert Shani Peled. Prepare to embark on an exploration of tangible scenarios where vulnerabilities in cloud environments become playgrounds for malicious actors. Throughout this engaging session, we will delve into crucial topics, including the “Shared Responsibility Model,” practical use cases, common pitfalls encountered in cloud configurations, and how threat actors adeptly exploit these missteps.

Our comprehensive discussion extends to privilege escalation techniques, the identification and exploitation of cleartext secrets, manipulation of misconfigured CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) processes, and the intricate art of detecting and targeting exposed cloud resources. Gain valuable insights into the potential repercussions these vulnerabilities can have on your organization and discover effective remediation strategies to safeguard your digital assets.

This session offers an unmissable opportunity to deepen your comprehension of cloud security, bolster your defense mechanisms, and fortify your organization against emerging threats. Don’t let this chance slip away; join us in advancing your cloud security knowledge and safeguarding your digital infrastructure.

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  • Shani Peled
    Cyber Security Expert


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