Texas Cyber Summit

Sep 28, 2023
JW Marriott, Austin

We hope you enjoyed our enlightening live lecture where our Cyber Security Expert, Shani Peled delved into the intricate realm of cloud security .

Throughout the engaging session, we explored tangible scenarios where vulnerabilities in cloud environments become playgrounds for malicious actors. Crucial topics such as the “Shared Responsibility Model,” practical use cases, common pitfalls in cloud configurations, and how threat actors adeptly exploit these missteps were thoroughly discussed.

The comprehensive discussion extended to privilege escalation techniques, identification and exploitation of cleartext secrets, manipulation of misconfigured CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) processes, and the intricate art of detecting and targeting exposed cloud resources. Attendees gained valuable insights into the potential repercussions these vulnerabilities can have on organizations and discovered effective remediation strategies to safeguard digital assets.

For those who missed it, the session offered an invaluable opportunity to deepen comprehension of cloud security, bolster defense mechanisms, and fortify organizations against emerging threats. Stay tuned for future events where we’ll continue advancing cloud security knowledge and safeguarding digital infrastructures.


  • Shani Peled
    Shani Peled
    Cyber Security Expert


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