CYE partners with OTORIO to combat ransomware attacks with a single-pane solution


CYE, a cybersecurity optimization solution, has partnered with OTORIO, an industrial-native cyber solution, to provide an integrated solution for companies with converged IT/OT/IoT environments looking for ransomware protection. The two Israeli companies aim to help customers convert new U.S government regulations for critical pipeline owners and operators into practical cybersecurity plans and develop steps to improve their security.

“The partnership with OTORIO comes at a time when we see a significant uptick in ransomware attacks on companies providing critical services to the public,” said Reuven Aronashvili, CEO and founder of CYE. “CYE aims to alleviate the burden on companies that can’t afford operational downtime, while giving them peace of mind that they are protected against any future need to pay a heavy ransom.”

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