CYE’s Red-Teamer Miryam Adjiashvili on cybersecurity and a girl’s career path in it


Miryam Adjiashvili (Miri X) started fiddling with computers since she was six, and she reached the level of a skilled programmer by the age of 14. Soon, her unique abilities got recognized, and she was invited to work in an elite cyber unit of the Israeli Defense Forces. Now, at the age of 24, Miri is a cybersecurity specialist in CYE, an Israeli firm specializing in finding security holes for ‘Fortune 500’ companies and helping them develop fixes before the bad guys have a chance to exploit them.

To fully devote herself to offensive security, she skipped college and focused on the practical side of things, which makes up for an interesting story of following what is ostensibly an atypical path in career development. We had a chat with Miri to discuss this matter and also hear her thoughts on how this space opens up for women today and why young girls shouldn’t be hesitant to go for it.

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