Cyber Risk Quantification: New Buzzword or a Real Game Changer?

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In the rapidly evolving digital landscape of 2023, organizations face an overwhelming number of cybersecurity threats. To effectively protect business assets, security leaders have to prioritize mitigating the threats that truly present a risk to the business while justifying this strategy to stakeholders. Cyber risk quantification (CRQ), which puts a monetary value on cyber risk, has proven to be a way to achieve this.

In this webinar, our panel of experts discuss why cyber risk quantification (CRQ) is essential in the contemporary cyber risk environment, how it enhances decision-making and resource allocation, and how organizations can integrate it into their cybersecurity framework.

They cover:

  • Why CRQ is essential for communicating cyber risk to stakeholders.
  • How CRQ helps in securing the necessary security budget from the board.
  • The key capabilities that should be considered when choosing a CRQ solution.


Leeron Mendel, Director of Product Marketing, CYE


Alex Padilla, SVP CISO, lululemon
Kim Jones, Director of Performance Acceleration, Intuit
Ira Winkler, Field CISO and VP, CYE