From Data to Defense: Building Your 2024 Cybersecurity Budget

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The year 2023 will be remembered for escalating cyber insurance requirements and costs, growth of sophisticated AI, the shifting role of the CISO, and significant regulatory changes. What cybersecurity developments can we expect in 2024, and how will they affect budgets for security teams?

Watch this panel of security experts discuss what you should be considering when planning your 2024 security strategy and building your annual budget. Our panelists delve into the latest trends, emerging threats, and compliance requirements that will shape the cybersecurity landscape in the coming year.

Topics discussed include:

  • Cybersecurity predictions for the new year
  • Compliance as a game-changer for cyber accountability
  • Budget categories for 2024
  • Evolution of the CISO role
  • Growth of cyber risk quantification
  • AI: a buzzword or a real concern?


  • Reuven Aronashvili |Founder and CEO, CYE
  • Mike Wilkes |Senior Security Advisor, CISO, Ammonite Analytx
  • Matthew Webster | Cybersecurity Specialist, CISO, Cyvergence

Moderated by:

Leeron Walter Mendel | Director of Product Marketing, CYE