Navigating the Cybersecurity Threat Landscape and New Regulations

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As the cyber threat landscape continues to expand, organizations are struggling to defend themselves against sophisticated cyberattacks launched by nation-states, ransomware, data breaches, social engineering exploits, and more. At the same time, global regulators are bringing a new business-critical approach to cybersecurity that has significant implications for organizational risk management accountability and impacts multiple areas.

Security leaders face the challenges of threats, regulatory compliance, optimizing budget and resources, and maintaining business continuity. Using data, CYE’s solution enables strategic and tactical decision-making for many global enterprises.

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  • The latest cyber threats that businesses are facing
  • New regulations and best practices for compliance
  • How Hyver’s CRQ platform helps track and measure your possible exposure
  • Optimal ways to communicate risk to the management and board

Nimrod Partush, VP Data Science, CYE
Inbar Ries, Chief Product Officer, CYE

Moderated by:
Leeron Mendel, Director of Product Marketing, CYE