Exclusive CISO Breakfast

To CRQ or not:
Cyber Risk Quantification and its impact on our understanding of risk

In-person event | Soho, London

April 18, 2024 9:00-10:30 am

Limited spaces, RSVP here!
Sharon Shochat
Sharon Shochat
Security Specialist, CYE
Ash Hunt
Ash Hunt

Quantifying cyber risk using different methods is not a new exercise, with 5×5 ordinal scale matrices being the most common. But alternative methods — from risk matrix quantification to automated Monte Carlo simulations — are proliferating, with various opinions about which is superior. Views are typically sceptical: Could cyber risk be quantified objectively and accurately, considering the dynamic nature of breaches, changing regulatory frameworks, and insurance data in existence?

We will discuss this question and the rise of CRQ as a leading cyber category in this roundtable event.