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Aligning with the New CISA Cybersecurity Strategic Plan

August 20, 2023

Aligning with the New CISA Cybersecurity Strategic Plan

This month, the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) released an important update to its strategic plan. It included three main goals intended to lessen cyber incidents and create a secure and resilient infrastructure for the United States.

Interestingly, CISA’s goals closely align with what CYE provides to its customers. Here are the goals and how they line up with CYE’s solution:

Goal 1: Address Immediate Threats

CISA’s Objectives:

• Increase visibility and mitigation of cyber threats
• Disclose and mitigate critical and exploitable vulnerabilities
• Plan for cyber defense operations and incident response

How CYE Helps:

Using Hyver, CYE’s cyber risk quantification platform, you can gain visibility into likely attack routes by identifying and analyzing exploitable vulnerabilities that can potentially threaten your organization. Hyver provides a single view of all critical issues with the ability to focus on and mitigate the ones that are truly a threat to your business assets.

CYE’s expert services also focus on building and implementing incident response plans, so you can be prepared to respond quickly in the event of a cyber incident. By incorporating training, exercises, and simulations into these plans, organizations and management can confidently act when a crisis occurs. This comprehensive approach cultivates a prepared and cohesive response that mitigates potential damage, minimizes confusion, and maximizes the effectiveness of the response team.

Goal 2: Harden the Terrain

CISA’s Objectives:

• Understand how attacks occur and how to stop them
• Drive implementation of effective cybersecurity investments
• Provide cyber capabilities that fill gaps and measure progress

How CYE Helps:

CYE’s comprehensive organizational assessments test security controls in every environment to determine if your critical assets are protected and how you can outsmart hackers. Using cyber risk quantification, Hyver helps maximize ROI of cybersecurity investments by helping you understand the financial impact of mitigation.

CYE provides tailored solutions ensure the right investments in technology, personnel training, and procedural enhancements. By leveraging CYE’s expertise, organizations can confidently allocate resources to areas that promise the greatest cybersecurity returns, thereby establishing a robust defense against cyber threats and bolstering overall resilience.

Goal 3: Drive Security at Scale

CISA’s Objectives:

• Drive development of secure technology
• Reduce risks posed by emergent technologies
• Build a national cyber workforce

How CYE Helps:

CYE has often been tasked with assessing the security of technology. For example, when a medical device company contacted CYE to make sure there were no security issues with its product, Hyver uncovered a critical issue that needed to be addressed. CYE even recommended an unusual solution to avoid having to reapply for FDA approval.

Building a national cyber workforce is a critical endeavor to strengthen a country’s cybersecurity defenses and support its digital growth. This involves cultivating a skilled and diverse workforce capable of addressing evolving cyber threats and challenges. To achieve this, initiatives can include education and training programs, collaboration with academic institutions, public-private partnerships, and the promotion of careers in cybersecurity.

By nurturing a proficient national cyber workforce, a country can enhance its ability to detect, prevent, and respond to cyber incidents, ultimately safeguarding its digital infrastructure, economy, and national security. CYE experts can help with thinking, building, and executing such a plan.

Want to learn more about how you can improve your organization’s cybersecurity maturity and build resilience? Contact us.


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