CYE's Global Expansion: European Partnerships – SSH and S2E

CYE, the industry leader in cybersecurity optimization platforms, announced today a new partnership with SSH, a Scandinavian defensive cybersecurity solution provider, and S2E, an Italian IT consulting firm. The two partnerships allow CYE to continue its hypergrowth.

SSH, which offers defensive cybersecurity solutions that enable customers to manage access to their critical data, will now offer CYE’s solutions as part of its defensive cybersecurity portfolio, focusing on automated access control, monitoring, and auditing solutions. Offering CYE’s technology will bring SSH’s clients a data-driven security model that is aligned with business needs and creates an effective remediation tool for advanced organizations.

Additionally, CYE is partnering with S2E to deliver a unique offering to European enterprise companies by combining CYE’s technology with S2E’s consulting services. The partnership will enable organizations to make strategic and operational decisions and optimize security investments. CYE’s technology will provide a wide number of professional services and bring relevant business insights to help S2E optimize their investments, thereby focusing organizations only on what matters most while reducing short- and long-term exposure.

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