CYE brings home FinTech global’s CyberTech100 award

CYE, the industry leader in cybersecurity optimization solutions, today announced that it has been awarded FinTech Global’s CyberTech 100 Award. The CyberTech100 list is comprised of 100 companies chosen by a panel of analysts and industry experts from a list of over 1,000 companies. Winners have all demonstrated innovative use of technology to solve a significant industry problem, generate cost savings, or efficiency improvements across the security value chain.

In the ever-growing financial industry, the need for cybersecurity has become larger than ever with ransomware attack payouts reaching new highs around the world. CYE is committed to building solutions that enable organizations to strengthen their internal capabilities, helping them take full control of their cybersecurity posture. CYE also enables security leaders to identify which business assets are at risk, prioritize them based on critical business impact, and execute cost-effective remediation projects for optimal risk prevention.

CYE bridges the gap between the security and finance industries, enabling organizations to translate technical risk into business risk while looking at security as a business concern in a highly competitive and highly regulated industry.

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