CYE launches Comprehensive Security Solution: CTI and IR Group

The company’s global expansion efforts also include the appointment of CRO Steve Midgley

Tel Aviv, Israel and New York, NY – March 15 2022 – CYE, the industry leader in cybersecurity optimization solutions, today announced the launch of its newest security group, Critical Cyber Operations. The group leverages CYE’s full range of services and products to provide enterprises with a holistic cybersecurity offering.

CYE’s Critical Cyber Operations group is composed of national-level cybersecurity experts and senior intelligence officers, who provide organizations with Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) assessments that identify potential attackers and their motivations, possible cyberattack targets within an organization and the potential exposure that can result from such attacks. This assessment pinpoints current incidents or vulnerabilities for companies and their respective executives. The group also provides crisis management and incident response to assist companies in the aftermath of attacks.  The group is led by Shmulik Yehezkel, Colonel (IDF Res.) who brings years of experience leading cyber and field operations, information security, and risk management in the Israel Defense Forces, the Ministry of Defense and the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel.

As part of CYE’s growth, the company also recently added tech industry veteran Steve Midgley to its leadership team as Chief Revenue Officer. Steve brings 30 years of experience in global go-to-market strategy in technology and SaaS segments, as an executive contributing to the building of some of the world’s most successful technology companies, such as 3Com, HP, Cisco, AWS, as well as many successful start-up companies. He has extensive private equity experience and has served on the boards of numerous companies. Steve currently serves as the Chairman of UpCloud.

“Through Hyver, CYE’s flagship platform, CYE delivers agility, clarity and business impact to customers operating in ambiguous, constantly shifting environments, providing a virtuous cycle upon which to manage constantly changing risks and priorities with precision meaning there is  no more guesswork,” stated Steve Midgley.

In response to customer needs and its current hyper-growth, CYE is embarking on an expansion program that will see it add numerous customer service roles including Solution Architects, Customer Success Managers and Consultants in close proximity to customers in the USA, EMEA and APAC territories. This will quintuple CYE’s existing staff. The investment in human capital will best position CYE to help its customers meet the challenges they face in optimizing the agility and ROI of their cybersecurity strategies in an increasingly complex and risky environment.

“Cybersecurity has transformed from a cost-center to a business differentiator,” said Reuven Aronashvili, Founder and CEO of CYE. “At CYE, we are constantly one step ahead of the ever-changing and evolving industry, which is why we are excited about the new group headed by Shmulik Yehezkel. Additionally, as we further expand our operations in the US, we warmly welcome Steve Midgley as CRO. Steve’s addition to our management team will allow us to provide a data-driven approach for rapid, accurate and efficient cybersecurity maturity on a much larger scale.”

About CYE

CYE brings a fact-based approach to organizational cyber defense, managing real business risks and optimizing cybersecurity investments. CYE serves medium-size and Fortune 500 companies in multiple industries around the world.

Hyver, CYE’s flagship product, uses advanced algorithms and graph modeling to conduct comprehensive and accurate cybersecurity assessments, covering the entire organization, as well as third-party vendors. Highly experienced ‘red teams’ then perform real non-simulated attacks, allowing CYE to accurately predict possible attack routes.

CYE has 130 employees, headquartered in Israel, with offices in the US and UK.

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