CYE: Recognized in the Top 20 Enterprise Security Cyber Awards

CYE’s Hyver Platform That Calculates Dynamic Risk in Real-Time Recognized Among Leading Cybersecurity Companies

TEL AVIV, Israel, August 9, 2023 – CYE, the industry leader in cyber risk quantification & optimization, today announced they have been named to the Enterprise Security Tech 2023 Cyber Top 20 awards list. The Enterprise Security Tech Cyber Top 20 awards list recognizes the top cybersecurity companies providing the most value to the market based on technical product/service innovation, industry analyst recognition, customer testimony, diversity and inclusion initiatives, talent development initiatives, and give back to the cyber community.

“We’re thrilled to be named to this list of top cybersecurity companies by Enterprise Security Tech, as it is a further testament to the success of our Hyver platform and dedicated team,” said Reuven (Rubi) Aronashvili, Chief Executive Officer of CYE. “Our main mission at CYE is to deliver an innovative, new approach to the market in order to truly help organizations manage, quantify and mitigate cyber risks. By attaching a dollar value to the cyber risk the organization is up against, CISOs and security decision makers are in a much better position to determine their security plans and investment.”

While many enterprises today build their risk models on fixed data such as reports, questionnaires and audits – but in a world that is constantly changing, those models aren’t enough. CYE raises the bar with innovative cyber risk calculation, taking multiple data sources and inputting them into an advanced risk model, providing tailor-made recommendations for security teams while measuring impact to the business

CYE most recently announced new features to its Hyver platform that calculates dynamic risk in real-time. This new module allows security teams to decide where they would like to invest, and what they should remediate with a correlation to their business needs.

“Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving battle, where the enemy constantly seeks new avenues to breach our defenses. To secure our digital world, relentless innovation is not an option; it’s an imperative,” said Jack Campbell, Editor, Enterprise Security Tech. “Only through continuous advancement can we stay ahead of threats, safeguarding data. We’re honored to be able to recognize these leaders for the advancement that they are bringing to the market and their contributions to the fight against cyber threats.”

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About CYE
CYE’s SaaS platform and expert guidance enable security leaders to create and execute optimized organizational security programs with significant business impact. CYE analyzes data to predict probable attack routes, quantifies the potential financial consequences of cyber risk, and provides clarity to stakeholders. By delivering relevant business insights, CYE empowers companies to make effective decisions that reduce organizational cyber risk. The company serves large and mid-market companies in multiple industries around the world. With headquarters in Israel and offices in New York and London, CYE is funded by EQT Private Equity and 83North.

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