Red teams and cyber war

April 27, 2022

Red teams and cyber war

How do organisations prepare for cyber attacks? Does “red teaming” work? And how close are we to cyber war?

Over the last few years, more firms have turned to red team security testing, putting their organisations through realistic attack simulations. But how do we balance the cost and time these tests demand, with the wider needs of the business?

Our Insights Interview guest this week is Reuven Aronashvili, founder and CEO of Israeli cybersecurity company CYE. Today, he works with large enterprises globally to help them tackle the most difficult cyber challenges.

Before that, he was one of the founders of Israel’s Red Team intelligence unit. As such, he has some unique insights into the line between a hacking incident and cyber terrorism and cyber warfare – and how close we are to crossing it.

Interview by Stephen Pritchard.

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