Should Kaseya pay REvil ransom? Experts are torn

July 6, 2021

Should Kaseya pay REvil ransom? Experts are torn

About 1,500 small to medium-sized companies and 50 MSPs are still struggling to deal with the fallout from the massive ransomware attack launched by REvil last week.

Dozens of small law offices and dental clinics are dealing with ransomware infections while 800 Coop supermarket chain stores in Sweden had to temporarily close after they were unable to open their cash registers. Kaseya has not said if it is considering paying the ransom but ZDNet reported that the company missed a July 6 deadline they set for relaunching SaaS servers. It planned subsequent configuration changes to improve security, including an on-premise patch.

According to a statement from Kaseya, “an issue was discovered that has blocked the release” of the VSA SaaS rollout. “The R&D and operations teams worked through the night and will continue to work until we have unblocked the release,” Kaseya said in a statement, adding that it is working “around the clock to resolve this issue and restore service.”

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