This entrepreneur raised $140 million to change the paradigm of cyber security


Reuven Aronashvili’s startup has already raised $140M in capital and they’re growing fast as they work to equip organizations to fend off growing cybersecurity threats. On the Dealmakers Show, Reuven Aronashvili shared with the audience how he began his own business, the state of the startup ecosystem in Israel, and his number one key to success when starting a business.

Aronashvili was born in Israel, aka the ‘Startup Nation’. Reuven describes it as a startup ecosystem that has matured a lot in recent years. A lot of the players in Israel’s venture capital market are now willing to write pretty big checks. They’ll put $100M to $500m into a startup investment. The Israeli market is also seeing more $100M to $300M exits. Others are going the distance to IPO and getting directly listed on the stock exchanges. In turn, this action is gaining a lot of attention from outside investors, who are now becoming some of the biggest investors in Israel-based startups. Reuven was born and grew up about two hours outside of Tel Aviv. Early on he discovered a passion and love for all types of science. He had a natural talent for math, physics, and biology.

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